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We have been working on a new cork granulate for three years and the development and test phases have finally been completed. Whoooop! We use cork granulate for many CLARISSAKORK products - but only for the underside.

What has changed?

The new granulate now consists of 100% cork and is bonded to the top surface with an intermediate layer of natural cotton. The material thickness of the carpets remains unchanged, but we have deliberately reduced it to 2 mm for our tableware. The cork leather top remains as smart as ever on all products, the changes only affect the underside!

What are the advantages?

The products are now even lighter and, above all, more flexible, which means that the cork granulate on the underside can no longer break. For example, the rugs are easier to roll up if you want them out of the way when cleaning or something. In contrast to the carpets, the table corkies are a little thinner, as they look a little more elegant. The glass coasters have the additional advantage that the glasses can no longer tip over so easily if they are not placed precisely.

Why is that important for you to know?

Transparency is generally important to us. However, there is one important note regarding table linen: placemats & co. are now thinner - this is important if you already have table products from us and want to expand your cork range or buy something new. It's all about the look, because the products would then be different heights. That's it!

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