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Configure customised cork drawer mat

Configure your own customised cork drawer mat online

Custom-made drawer inlay for the kitchen made of natural cork in your desired colour! With the CLARISSAKORK configurator, you can have your drawer liners made to measure, protect your kitchen cabinets, benefit from all the advantages that the natural material cork offers and save yourself the time of cutting everything to size yourself. The high-quality vegan cork leather is very robust, durable, hygienic and easy to clean - you will enjoy using the drawer protector for a long time. The non-slip mat is not only suitable for drawers and as an inlay in kitchen cupboards, you can also configure it for side tables and trays or place it in the bedroom wardrobe. The customised drawer mats are not only practical and functional, but also a modern and timeless design element. You can choose from 17 colours and add colour accents just the way you like them.

Please note that, as with our placemats, the edges are only cut and are therefore not suitable for use as a rug.



Drawer inserts made to measure

It's not every day that you buy a new kitchen. With our configurator, you can order your drawer mats made to measure and also customize the colour. Everything stays clean, nothing scratches, nothing rattles, nothing slides around wildly and you don't have to laboriously cut the drawer protector to size yourself. Manufactured to the exact dimensions required, each drawer mat fits like a glove. In addition, you benefit from all the advantages that cork has by nature - because a major bonus: cork is robust, tear-resistant and durable. We don't want to reorder the drawer mats every so often, after all, we have better things to do.

Configure individual drawer mats

Modern, timeless, customizable and made of natural material instead of plastic. To ensure that your cork anti-slip mat is not only functional and made to measure, but also stylish, you can choose from 17 different colors using the CLARISSAKORK configurator. Perhaps you would like the drawer inlay in the same color as the fronts of your kitchen furniture? However, you can also create a visual highlight with your choice of color or order the drawer protector in a plain natural finish. We have two shapes of drawer mat - square and round. The round drawer inserts don't really fit in the kitchen now, but you can configure them for a round side table or tray.

Easy-care drawer guard

Good if the anti-slip mat keeps the drawer clean. It is even better if the drawer mat is also easy to clean. You are on the safe side with the cork drawer liner. The wonderful material is not only pleasant to the touch and looks cool, but also has a whole host of natural advantages. On the one hand, it is water-repellent and easy to clean, as it is sufficient to wipe the drawer mat with a damp cloth. The light and flexible material is also free of harmful substances and antimicrobial, which means that bacteria and mites have no chance of settling in. Hygiene is particularly beneficial in the kitchen.

Flexible cork drawer mats

Our flexible, lightweight and sound-absorbing drawer liner is not just a practical, smart little helper in kitchen drawers. Of course, you can also have the non-slip mats made to measure for your cupboards in the kitchen and place glasses or crockery on them. And while we're at it - they also look good in the bedroom cupboard. Or in a chic chest of drawers. Our functional drawer liners made of vegan cork leather keep things tidy, protect surfaces and look stunningly good wherever you use them. If you are unsure about the color, simply order our color samples!

Good to know

Here is some more information before you decide. The top side of the drawer mat is made of 100% cork, the underside of cork granulate. As with our placemats, the edges of the drawer inserts are only cut, so they are not suitable for use as a rug. All our products are made by hand from a natural product with a lot of love in our manufactory. The color and shape of the products may therefore differ slightly from the preview compared to the display on your screen. As already mentioned, you are welcome to order color samples to make sure you choose the right color, because the drawer inserts will be with you for a while.

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Alexandra - 15.10.2023
Anna-Lena A. - 13.10.2023
Nicole N. - 12.10.2023
Anonym - 12.09.2023
Markus K. - 01.09.2023
Die Beratung ist freundlich und die Produkte sind sehr gut. Da ich nicht jeden Tag etwas in Kork brauche finde ich es sehr unpraktisch das mir jetzt nach der Bestellung und Bezahlung ein Gutschein angeboten wird für den nächsten Einkauf.
Katharina Z. - 28.08.2023
Christoph - 18.08.2023
Christine - 15.08.2023
Hat wieder alles zu 100% gepasst (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes).
Andrea Grabner - 21.07.2023
Ich bin begeistert! einfach zum Pflegen und zum Herausnehmen aus den Laden, bisher habe ich Einlagenpapier verwendet....das ist nun Geschichte. Vielleicht bestelle ich mir das Eine oder Andere Stück noch
Christine - 15.07.2023
Bettina - 12.07.2023
Anonym - 12.07.2023
KarlHeinz - 12.07.2023
Beste Qualität, pünktliche Lieferung.
Barbara - 16.05.2023
Liegt bei mir auf einer Kommode obenauf im Vorzimmer, wo jeder kurz Mal alles mögliche ablegt.... Die korkmatte ist super pflegeleicht, die "Deckchen" davor, musste ich ständig i.d. Waschmaschine stecken.
Anonym - 02.05.2023
das mousepad (als schubladen innenleben bestellt ;-) ) ist optisch und qualitativ ein traum! sehr angenehmes gefühl beim arbeiten.
Elisabeth - 28.04.2023
Petra - 24.04.2023
Karin - 23.04.2023
Markus - 22.04.2023
Hat alles perfekt gepasst
Christine - 09.04.2023
Daniela - 26.03.2023
Dämpft die Geschirrgeräusche sofort!

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