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Wipeable children's carpet made of cork

Children's carpets made of cork are loyal playmates

A feast for adventurers, explorers and curious noses. A lovingly designed children's rug from Clarissakork is a real experience and an absolute eye-catcher in any child's room. What's more, cork rugs are a great alternative to crawling rugs for babies as they don't slip. Older kids use the nursery rug for playing, drawing, jumping and dancing. But it's also a dream come true for parents, because our washable cork children's rug is easy to clean, hygienic and uncomplicated, as all you need is a damp cloth.
Vegan, robust & tear-resistant
Handmade in Austria
Perfect for allergy sufferers
Guaranteed no animal testing

An easy-care play mat

A children's rug that looks great but is also uncomplicated, because why make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself? That was the challenge. So it was clear - a carpet for children's rooms must be washable and easy to clean. After all, we know that things can get a bit crazy there. The soda flies around, the watercolors drip and the chips crumble. But that's no problem, because our washable children's carpet can easily withstand such attacks. If something goes wrong - simply wipe the play mat with a damp cloth and use a mild detergent if necessary. A neat thing, we think!

Cork carpet for children as a feel-good oasis

If you want to buy a children's rug, CLARISSAKORK is the right place for you. Apart from the fact that all moms and dads are happy when the carpet is washable, we have even more good news. The play mat is soft, supple and warm and your child will feel right at home on it. Another advantage is that a cork carpet does not slip and because it is also thin, it is not a cumbersome tripping hazard. What's more, cork is extremely robust and durable, so the little ones can enjoy their playmate for a long time. Well, the fact that cork carpets are also natural, vegan and sustainable won't matter to the little ones, but the grown-ups usually appreciate it.

Healthy children's carpet made of cork without ...

... without harmful substances, without solvents, without plasticizers. We know that pollutants can trigger illnesses and allergies. This is why cork leather is perfect for children's products such as play rugs. In addition to all its positive properties, cork does not require any chemicals as it is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and free of harmful substances. While conventional children's carpets made of cotton, wool or synthetic materials are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and mites, these cannot settle in cork due to its surface structure. And because we are super picky, we naturally use toy-safe and tested colors for the fun print patterns.

Cork rug for children with a double life

Our children's rug accompanies your little one from the very first hour and far beyond toddlerhood. When they learn to crawl, the baby rug is a great alternative to a crawling blanket as it stays firmly on the floor. Older children use the play mat to build towers or for drawing, jumping and dancing. Once the good piece has had its day as a playmate, you can nail it to the wall as a fun pinboard or use it as an office chair pad at your desk. A cork carpet doesn't just have one life.

Captain Kork & Friends

We are now diving from the argumentative depths to the aesthetic surface, because in addition to all its functional properties, a children's rug also has to look good. That's why we have come up with lots of cheerful designs for the play rugs. You can catapult your little darling into space with our children's rug or take an adventurous trip around the world. Perhaps the animals from Noah's Ark will also move into the children's room with the rug. Our car play rug is very popular, because a road rug is one of the classics. While some prints are simply fun, others inspire the imagination or are even interactive. You are spoiled for choice.
Vegan, robust & tear-resistant
Handmade in Austria
Perfect for allergy sufferers
Guaranteed no animal testing

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