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Cork rug - a unique favorite

A cork carpet is an enrichment for any room

Buy a cork rug and let happiness move into your home! Anyone who opts for an elegant cork carpet has made a smart choice, as it not only looks fabulous but also offers a whole host of benefits. In contrast to many conventional models, a cork carpet is ideal for allergy sufferers, is easy to clean and washable. Whether embroidered, printed or plain - a custom-made cork rug is an absolute highlight for any room.
Vegan, robust & tear-resistant
Handmade in Austria
Perfect for allergy sufferers
Guaranteed no animal testing

A cork for all occasions

If you want to buy a cork rug, CLARISSAKORK is the right place for you. If you're still thinking - here are a few good reasons why it's a smart idea to cork your home. Slim and smart, he lies on the floor and stays where he is. A cork carpet is not only non-slip, but in addition to its elegant appearance, it also impresses with many functional properties that other models cannot offer. Dirt, moisture, mites? No problem, because a cork carpet from CLARISSAKORK is super easy to clean, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and washable. Whether as a visual eye-catcher by the sofa, a soft carpet pad that is easy on the joints in front of the kitchen counter, a warming runner in the bathroom, a trendy play rug in the children's room or a stylish accessory in the hallway - cork rugs are extremely versatile and therefore fit into any room.

Antiallergenic all-rounder from Portugal

Yes, it looks good, but a cork carpet also has some decisive advantages over conventional models. Especially in households with allergy sufferers, carpets and textiles are often a no-go, as cotton, wool or synthetic materials are ideal breeding grounds for mites and bacteria. This cannot happen with a cork carpet! This all-rounder is naturally antimicrobial, which means that nothing can settle on a cork carpet due to its surface texture. What's more, cork is antistatic and therefore does not stir up dust particles. An ideal rug for allergy sufferers that makes every home much more comfortable.

1000 reasons for a cork carpet

We at CLARISSAKORK are completely screwed up! Why? Cork has an incredible number of positive properties and is therefore perfect for carpets. The natural material can absorb and store heat from the air and at the same time insulate against the cold floor. The material is vegan, lightweight, supple and yet robust. A cork carpet is non-slip, sound-absorbing and particularly easy on the joints. Cork leather is also hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for allergy sufferers. The water-repellent surface makes a cork rug a long-lasting, easy-care companion, as dirt can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Individual carpet design

In our messed-up universe, you're spoiled for choice. The sustainable rugs made from vegan cork leather are available in a pure and simple color, without any frills. A total of 17 different colors are currently available. Some rugs have a beautiful print pattern, others are decorated with elaborate appliqués. At the heart of CLARISSAKORK, however, are the embroidered cork rugs. The craft of embroidery has a tradition in Vorarlberg dating back over 250 years, which we have taken up and adapted in a modern way for our cork rugs. Each piece is intricately crafted and unique.

Made to measure & easy to clean

Small and round as a bathroom rug. Then again in a slim extra length for the hallway. Would you prefer a soft cream or a rich blue for your living room carpet? With us, a carpet order works according to the motto: You wish, we play. Our selection is huge - you can put together the carpet of your dreams and we will then manufacture it exactly according to your wishes. And finally, here's the great news. A cork carpet is really easy to clean. You can simply vacuum up crumbs and the like, and if you spill something coarse - no problem, because a cork carpet is washable! Sauce, soda or toothpaste can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. Hardly any other item in your household will cause you so little work and give you so much pleasure at the same time.

Vegan, robust & tear-resistant
Handmade in Austria
Perfect for allergy sufferers
Guaranteed no animal testing

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