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CLARISSAKORK is an unconventional label for carpets and home accessories made of cork - inspired by graphic patterns, clean lines and restrained colors. Pure and simple, high-quality embroidered or lovingly printed for our little ones.

All products are made by hand with great attention to detail in our manufactory in the Bregenzerwald. To ensure the durability of our products, we use the highest quality materials - free from toxic chemicals and harmful substances.


What do you pay attention to during production?

We only use the highest quality premium cork leather from Portugal for our products. Our products are vegan and free from harmful substances and plasticizers. But all these things are not enough for us. We produce our products in our own factory in the middle of the Bregenzerwald. We focus on quality instead of quantity, out of respect for the environment and because we believe that sustainable consumption is possible. Our products should accompany you for a long time with a clear conscience. Our products are created out of a pure passion for beautiful design and a love of craftsmanship.

What does the implementation behind your products look like?

Function follows design, that's my approach. A beautiful product alone is not enough. New products must always have a function or simply make life easier in small areas. Like the trivet, for example, which can be left on the table right after the meal and acts as a decorative element. Most product ideas arise from everyday life, from a personal "need". Then it starts rattling around in my head and I am then relatively quickly with my team and we implement the first prototypes together. Social media channels also play a role here. I often show prototypes on Instagram and Facebook and ask the community for their opinion.

Are they unique?

Yes, in a way, yes. Cork is a natural material, so the grain is different on every piece. The colors are natural colors and may vary from batch to batch. The embroidery makes the rug truly unique. There are no other embroidered cork rugs in the world! And in our carpet configurator, every customer is the designer anyway - there are 768 ways to order your own carpet in the size you want

What are the advantages of cork leather over animal leather?

Cork is warm because it absorbs and stores heat from the air, cork leather is waterproof, whereas leather soaks up liquids. This special surface also ensures that cork leather is much easier to care for. All products can simply be wiped clean.

How long does it take to make a cork carpet?

There is quite a complex process behind it: It's a long way from the cork oak to this supple material. This begins with the harvesting of the bark - which is done exclusively by hand - and ends in the manufactory with the precise cutting and sewing of the parts. Each rug is cut to size and made to order, we have no rugs (with the exception of children's rugs) in stock. Large carpets often require 3-4 people just for sewing.

What's the best compliment you've ever received for your cork?

We regularly receive great feedback and compliments. It's quite difficult to pick one out. I had to smile when a customer wrote that her husband now voluntarily puts the dishwasher away because he likes standing on the carpet so much. Another customer wrote to me in big letters: NEVER AGAIN ANOTHER BATHROOM RUG. But I also find it touching when moms tell me about their changing mats. So many people tell me that when the baby is fussy, they put the baby on the changing mat and the little darling calms down immediately.

Why does delivery take up to 4-6 weeks?

Many of our products are only manufactured after the order has been received, including our configured rugs. The delivery time for embroidered carpets is the longest at up to 40 working days. Each embroidery motif is actually customized to the exact size requested by the customer. First we cut the rugs to size and then they go to our embroiderer, the cork leather pieces then come back to us and are processed into rugs in our manufactory.

What do I need to consider with carpets and how can I clean them?

Less is actually more, you can wipe the products with a damp cloth and can also use an eco cleaner or a mild soap, the important thing is that no aggressive agents are used.
It is important that the rugs are not rolled with the underside facing outwards or even creased. This makes the tension too great and the underside can break.

What problems do you want to solve with your products?

Some 😊. People with house dust mite allergies have so far mostly avoided carpets. But carpets divide up rooms, create accents, they are pleasant when you are barefoot, and they are often the accentuating designer piece. Cork carpets solve this problem because they are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Kitchen runners or carpets are often trip hazards for older people. The cork carpet is non-slip and stays flat on the floor. It protects the floor in the kitchen area and the standing feeling is super comfortable at the same time.

It takes a lot of work off your hands in the bathroom. Constant straightening because the carpets get tangled, shaking out and washing are obsolete. Hair and dust cannot get caught in it. The cork carpet can simply be vacuumed or mopped. Wetness is no problem anyway. The moisture dries on the surface - without annoying water marks or limescale stains.

The carpets are the perfect playground for children. An overturned glass of juice or a piece of melted chocolate will cost parents a tired smile, as everything can simply be wiped up. They don't slip, don't fluff and are warm. The children are happy that the Lego tower or the castle made of wooden bricks is finally standing.

Is there a difference between cork and cork leather? And if so, what steps are necessary?

Cork is the raw material, so to speak. Bottle corks are made from the granulate residues: Caps, pin boards, insulation panels and much more. The latter products are known to be brittle and crumbly. Unlike cork leather, which can only be obtained from the middle layer of the cork bark. This layer is particularly elastic and supple. The cork leather is laminated onto a cotton backing, which makes it particularly flexible.

To what extent has your company changed since the success of "2 Minuten 2 Millionen"?

Taking part in the program was definitely the right step for us. Before the show, most of the orders came from Germany, we were only very little known in Austria. Now this is almost balanced. It was also important for our self-confidence. We were often labeled as hobbyists here and not taken seriously. In the show, 3 investors wanted to invest in us and all 5 gave us positive feedback.

You can customize your own carpet and seat cover. How does it work?

We have a configurator in our store, which means you can order the products to fit exactly by simply selecting the colors and then entering the exact dimensions. It immediately shows you the price and you can add the product directly to your shopping cart. We even have our own app for the carpets, so you can virtually bring the carpet into your home using your own cell phone camera and see which color fits best. You can find it under "Clarissakork" in the Playstore and Appstore.

What can cork be used for everywhere?

Cork is used in an incredible number of areas. Cork can be found in baseballs (inside), musical instruments and even rockets. Cork has wonderful properties, it is antibacterial, flame retardant, lightweight, insulating and much more, so it can be used in many different ways. We only use cork leather for our products. Our heads are buzzing with the many possibilities - we still have at least 1000 ideas.

Why a good piece instead of 20 half pieces?

Nowadays, we are bombarded with so much information every day, important and unimportant, positive and negative. The day is full of appointments, calls, WhatsApp and social media. To recover from all these influences, I find it nice not to have 100 things lying around at home that subconsciously keep me on my toes.

And then I personally would much rather have a thing that works really well than lots of cheap parts that break quickly. Which I have to dispose of and then have to deal with where to get it replaced. Cheap purchases are often expensive - in terms of money and what I find even worse: in terms of time.

Apart from all these personal sensitivities, the mountains of waste are growing and growing and as long as politicians do little about it, everyone is responsible for what they can do for a better environment. Doing without plastic completely is challenging, but it is valuable to have a conscious approach to packaging and consumption.

We should also be aware of the role model function, if we constantly get our children new flashing plastic stuff, it is unconsciously suggested that things have no value and that you can simply throw everything away and buy something new.

How did the idea of CLARISSAKORK come about?

Actually by chance. I wanted to start my own business and originally had a different idea - also in the interior sector. But then there was a report on TV about vegan leather and I started researching what vegan leather could possibly be and was immediately impressed by its properties, look and feel and knew immediately that these properties spoke for a completely new type of carpet than anything we had ever seen before.

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