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The living room is our retreat from everyday life. A living room carpet can define living areas and combine seating furniture into a single unit. When it comes to carpets, the motto here is: don't spill it, make it count.
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The most important facts at a glance:

If the living room is kept darker, it is advisable to work with a light carpet, which will give the room width.

In a smaller living room, the carpet should also be chosen smaller accordingly. We recommend here to place only the front legs of the couch on the carpet or to choose the carpet so that only the coffee table stands on the carpet and a small distance is kept between the carpet and the couch.

For the size, it is best to follow the length of the side of the couch and choose the carpet 20 cm to 30 cm longer. This gives a wonderful frame for the couch and a cozy island. And if chips end up on the carpet or a glass of soda, don't lose your nerve. Vacuum cleaner out, mop here, drive over it and everything is good again.
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In large rooms, patterns come out especially well and give the carpet a beautiful stage.

In terms of color, the carpet and couch should not be too similar, but should stand out from each other. Like and like do not always like each other.