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Lift your leg high, step in! Falco sings like this in 'Brillantin' Brutal', perhaps you remember? However, the entrance area where you receive your guests is a difficult candidate for furnishing, and this also applies to the right choice of carpet. It has to be functional, but at the same time it should look really brilliant, as the hallway is the calling card of your home. Cork carpets offer several advantages. Not only do they shine with their elegant appearance, they are also unperturbed by wet conditions, autumn mud or winter road salt shoes. But what is the best way to measure it?

*The most important facts at a glance

Ideally, the carpet should be as close as possible to the entrance door so that you can step on it with just one step.

At the same time, it's nice to leave enough space on the other three sides of the room for the actual floor. This distance depends on the room size. We recommend a distance of 10 cm for small rooms and 30 cm for larger entrances. If there is furniture such as chests of drawers in the entrance area, it is best if the carpet ends in front of it, as this makes it more airy.

For elongated hallways, a runner is of course the most common option for your entrance area. The usual sizes are 70 x 250 cm or 80 x 300 cm.

You can also line up several runners in a row if you have a particularly long hallway so that the room doesn't look even longer.

If your home has a particularly spacious entrance area, you can also combine carpet shapes.

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