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8 Days A Week. Part 8.

Namaste dear ones. Last day. Last product. And we're still warbling along with the Beatles about love. Although today is more about our health, I have to note. Many of us sit dutifully at our desks Monday through Friday or even longer and muddle through the workday with commitment. Especially for those, yoga is a great balance - our attention is required and the body has to perform well. But if it's not yet totally Wonder Woman Superman-like steeled and stretched, no matter: This is where our new yoga block comes into play, because it is versatile and the perfect support for complex asanas. The Yoga Block (23 x 15 x 7.5 cm) made of fine-grained cork is especially soft and grippy, has a pleasant surface and remains non-slip even during sweaty exercises. So you always keep full control and bending is even more fun. Wonder Woman & other superheroes, take care ;) So, I think I could use a yoga session right now too, the 8 Days a Week Marathon actually took more out of me than I thought, as usual I underestimated it. Anyway, thanks for your support and the many orders. I wish you lots and lots of fun with the new stuff. Anyway, we are going to celebrate now. More tomorrow. #newproduct #newcollection #clarissacork #yoga #yoga mat #yogaproduct #yoga block #block 1TP5Cork block #sustainable 1TP5Non toxic 1TP5Softener free #zerowaste #zeroplastic #plastic free #natural material #sustainable #cork #ork love #corkproducts #kidsinspo #vegan #clarissacork #yogastuff #meditaion #yoga meditation #yogajunkeefashion